What are the possibilities of Sergio Perez winning this year Monaco grand prix race sport?

One of the impressing things in the racing sport is the participation of race drivers that are involved. This has made the sport more exciting, and having to see new faces participating in this race can be enlightening. In this year Monaco grand prix, just like the precious year, Sergio Perez stands more chance of winning this grand prix. Meanwhile, we have to look into the possibilities of winning the Monaco grand prix by Perez.

Top F1 driver in the championship

So many teams are working earnestly to beat down the Red Bull by playing catch up in this grand prix. This determination is making the game more exciting than the previous ones. Sergio Perez, having won the previous championship, other teams are working on breaking the record this time. Moreover, Charles LeClec will not want to make the same mistakes of the previous year. Search for resources here by reading this article. 
This will be really tough as Perez has to face all these teams opting for the grand prix championship. Being the top F1 driver is a great tool that can make this driver win this year Monaco grand prix. Red Bull is the dominating F1 team with a lot of achievement so far in the race sport. This gives Perez an upper hand. Though nothing can be concluded now, having to see the determination of other teams to be the next winner of Monaco grand prix.

His confidence

Being a top F1 driver with a lot of achievement is not Perez key to success when it comes to race sport. His confidence is the engine that makes him moving and doing well in this game. His first confidence relies on in his ability of determining cars limits. This helps in knowing what spot car is fit for each race competition. With this method, added to his abilities, Sergio Perez stands greater chance of winning irrespective of the rivals around.
This confidence equally helps in defining the kind of rivals you will be facing during the race. Not only will he study his own car, but that of others too. This will help in calculating his probabilities in each race before engaging himself. Perez might not be the only one with this ability, but he practices much of this to ensure winnings. The other thing about his confidence is attached to how he adapts to pressures. Pressure is something you must be ready for in race sport. 

His sport car and equipment

As a race driver, Perez has achieved a lot and has made a way for himself to the top in F1 championship. Just like football current best players, he is one of the best in street tracks and in anything sport race. But his sport car plays a big role in his achievement, even in that of this year Monaco grand prix. Perez has won 6 grand prix with a career point of 1318. 
This racing driver uses a McLaren 740S equipped with V8 engine generating a staggering 7200 horsepower. This car is so incredible that you can use it for any race without any break down. Sergio Perez is very watchful of his choice of sport car, and to ensure he wins, he opts for the best and latest cars. In addition to the car, equipment is vital. Perez has all it takes to win this prix.

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